Goat Kefir Time...

Today my goat kefir arrived. Nutrition to me is all about supporting the microbione (thanks to the years of clinical work, my literature review I did on the topic when studying nutritional science & the functional tests I do in clinic).  I was lucky that during my childbirth I didn't have any antibiotics and my daughter didn't either, but that isn't always the case.  

When I have asked new- mum friends if they have then taken probiotics they usually reply with a no and I think they feel if it was a necessity then the GP would have told them to.  In the UK the NHS does not supply you with probiotics after antibiotics unlike more progressive countries in Europe (read more). 

Our microbione is under constant assault from antibiotics, sugar, stress and environmental toxins. Even when you haven't taken antibiotics they can still be found in our food and water. 

Kefir is a natural food which may help protect our immune system and help fight off infections. Plus help boost our energy and drive away sugar cravings (I need this for sure right now - limited sleep of a new mum). 

I am taking a 21 day course from Chuckling Goat, before breakfast on an empty stomach. To fully benefit I am using their recommendations which are as follows:

  • Avoid Sugar
  • Avoid Cow Dairy (we only have goats milk/cheese/yoghurt/butter in our household already)
  • Follow a Low GI eating plan & gluten free (include oatmeal, quinoa, amaranth, millet, buckwheat. Avoid white potatoes - swap for sweet potatoes)
  • Mix flaxseed oil into your kefir in the morning
  • Handful of walnuts ever day
  • Include a bone broth daily or a quality collagen supplement

Post pregnancy kefir consumption is thought to help with the healing process, assist with weight loss, help manage the baby blues and of course add more beneficial lactobacillus bacteria into my breast milk (not much to loose then). 


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