DNA Nutrition Support

Nutrigenetics, nutrigenomics and epigenetics are emerging sciences that are going to have a huge impact on the way we manage our health. The results are designed to provide an insight into your specific needs, which will never change, but can be addressed to a greater extent through nutritional choices. DNA testing offers a chance to invest in personal knowledge about your body that can inform your decisions on how to fuel your body effectively, and provide a significant improvement in your quality of life and long term health and wellbeing.

Extra individual SNP’s (A single-nucleotide polymorphisim - individual DNA sequence variation) can be arranged depending on the individual's requirements and the genetic analysis profile taken.

Cost of the DNA tests are therefore on an individual basis.
Starting at £285 — £865  (not including interpretation and consultation fees)


DNA Test

A simple swab test kit is provided for use at home or at the clinic, which provides a saliva sample


A report is generated based on genetic markers surrounding nutrition,which include the client’s tolerance to lactose, gluten, salt, caffeine, their ability to detoxify, and areas of deficiency including Omega 3s, and B and D vitamins


A consultation in person at the Harley Street Clinic or online via conference call is provided to discuss the results, and a tailored diet plan to fulfil your specific nutritional needs